About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide recreational and social opportunities for the community at large and to develop and promote the sport of curling by providing curling programs for all ages, abilities, and skill levels. We seek to promote good sportsmanship, skills development, and competitive opportunities for the enjoyment of all members and visitors. We encourage and provide opportunities for member volunteers to actively participate in the day-to-day operations of the club.

Club History

In 1962 an intrepid group of businessmen and curlers took on the task of erecting a curling rink in the area, and in the fall of 1963 the curling season opened at the Lancaster and District Curling Club at the Lancaster and District Curling Club. A ladies’ auxiliary was formed and those early years brought many happy times of good curling, good friends and good fun. In 1978 one executive was installed and a more cohesive group worked at the many improvements. Outside Invitational Spiels such as the Fisherman’s Bonspiel, Outside Mixed and the Ladies’ Spiel established Lancaster as the place to be not only for competition but also for the delicious servings of Lancaster Perch. At the present time an active and progressive executive continues to make curling enjoyable.

Quote is taken from the first Lancaster and District Newsletter written by Jim Hill in the spring of 1963.

” As most of you know, the Roaring Game, originated in Scotland and was brought to Canada by the Scottish Regiments about 250 years ago. It is still one of the few remaining amateur sports promoting friendliness, honour and good sportsmanship. We are happy to say that this code was incorporated into the foundations of the Lancaster & District Curling Club. From comments both within the district and from distant areas, we can be justly proud of the reputation we have gained. May we do all we can in the future to maintain this standard and always further the cause of good fellowship.”

Lancaster and District Curling Club Past Presidents

1962-1966 Leonard MacLachlan
1966-1968 Pete Bonneville
1968-1970 Bud Alguire
1970-1972 Lloyd Fawthrop
1972-1974 Duncan McArthur
1974-1976 Bill Wereley
1976-1978 Terry Seguin
1978-1980 Ralph Gordon
1980-1982 Garnet MacDougall
1982-1984 Wilfred MacNaughton
1984-1986 Joan P. MacDonald
1986-1988 Robert MacRae (25th Anniversary)
1988-1990 Norm Leroux
1990-1992 Ray Picard
1992-1994 Cheryl Lariviere
1994-1996 Peter Leroux
1996-1998 Roland Fobert
1998-2000 Amy Ward
2000-2002 Denis Lapierre
2002-2003 Kirsty MacLeod
2003-2005 Don Marsh
2005-2007 Les Wert
2007-2010 Elaine Pye
2010-2012 Wendy Wert (50th Anniversary)
2012-2014 Ian MacIntosh
2014-2016 Janice McLeod
2016-2018 Bill Hughes
2018-2020Rose MacCulloch