Curling Etiquette

Rules of Etiquette: In addition to the rules of the game, there are rules of etiquette which every curler should observe. These “unwritten laws” give a curler a feeling of well-being and help to retain the historic dignity of the game.

All curlers should follow these common courtesies:

✓ Don’t be late. Be ready to step on the ice and begin play at the scheduled time. If you are late you are holding up seven other people. Delays can be very annoying and upsetting to both your opponents and your own team. If you will be late or cannot play at all, be sure to advise your skip as soon as possible so he or she can take appropriate action.

✓When you are the skip and your team is unable to start a game as scheduled, advise the skip of the opposing team as soon as possible. Hard feelings can be created if one team shows up to play a game and the other team fails to show.

✓Before the start of the game, greet each member of the other team with a hearty handshake, tell them your name and wish them “Good Curling”.

✓Once the game has started, be sure to never disturb a curler in the hack. Keep your distance, be silent and motionless. Allow them to focus on their shot.

✓Be ready to take your position in the hack as soon as your opponent has delivered their rock. Do not wait until their shot is finished. This helps speed up the game.

✓Do not set up or position your opponent’s rocks during play. Always set up your skip’s rock while waiting for him or her to make their way from the other end when it is their turn.

✓When the end is complete, the lead of the team that scored and is shooting first SHOULD NOT help clear rocks but should immediately get ready to deliver the first stone of the next end.

✓Do not walk, run, or slide across the ice when a player is in the hack.

✓Keep alert and pay attention to every shot by both teams. Do not allow rocks from your
game to interfere with adjacent sheets of ice.

✓Do not gather around the house or hack when a rival is preparing to shoot. Front end players should position themselves between the hog lines along the sidelines – remain motionless & silent.

✓A skip or vice standing behind the house should keep perfectly still and avoid doing anything that might disturb the concentration of the player in the hack.

✓Skips should be mindful that too much yelling is distracting to players on other sheets. Instructions to sweep or not sweep should be said only when necessary.

✓Please be mindful of time! Limit “strategizing time” so as not to run late.

✓Be quick to compliment a good shot by either team. A curler should never pass an adverse remark about a poor shot or smile at an opponent’s misfortune.

✓At the end of the game, win or lose, give each of your opponents a hearty handshake, thank them for the game, and meet them in the lounge afterwards where members of the winning team are pleased to purchase the beverage of choice for their opponent. If your team lost, you are then expected to reciprocate with a second beverage of choice for your opponent.


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