Learn to Curl program is geared towards adults who are interested in curling but have never tried it. It is an excellent program that teaches the fundamentals of the game, how to play safely and how to master curling skills so that you will feel comfortable integrating into league play. Adults of any age are welcome to enrol in the program. The cost is $100. If you would like to join the club when the program is completed, your $100 will be deducted from the regular membership fee.

Even if you have mobility issues, you can still join this program. Instruction can be taught using the curling stick. There will be adequate instructor/participant ratio to maximize the learning experience.

There will be a minimum of eight weeks of instruction. Depending on the number of participants, each session will run approximately one hour.
No equipment is necessary. We will provide the necessary equipment for the program. You will need to dress warmly and in layers. There will be times where instructors are explaining and you will be standing and could get cold. You must bring non-street shoes to wear on the ice. Rubber soled shoes are best (running shoes, broomball shoes, etc. )

Come on out and try this wonderful social sport!

If you wish to sign up, Registration form is below. If you want more information please contact: Bernie Filiatreault

Second Program start date Sunday January 8th, 2023 at 10:00 a.m.

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