League Descriptors

Monday Morning Senior Men’s League 

This league is comprised of “senior men” (of no specific age) who are free to curl on Monday mornings. Games are 8-ends which allows the Club to field teams to play in the many bonspiels hosted by various clubs in the area where 8-end games are played. A new draw, scheduled every 4-5 weeks, is made up of new teams consisting of different players. Our draws are generally friendly, although play can be competitive!

Convenor: John Peters

Monday Night Men’s League 

Open to men who are new, or experienced, curlers who want a great social night and who enjoy a bit of competitive play. Teams are created by the convenor and changed every draw, so you get to play with a variety of people at differing skill levels. This allows you to meet new members.  

Convenor: Alain Bellefeuille

Tuesday Night Ladies 

Open to women of all ages and skill levels. This is a very social league aimed at promoting a welcoming atmosphere. Teams will change in each new draw which allows you to play with a variety of people of differing skill levels.

Convenor: Elaine Pye

Wednesday Morning Mixed League

This league is open to all members, with any level of experience, who are free to curl on Wednesday mornings. A great opportunity to play with different people as teams will change in each new draw.

Convenor: Daniel Leblanc

Wednesday Evening Mixed Pat Lid League

Open to all members, this league is intended to support the development of all curlers through forming mixed, fun teams, with an opportunity to change throwing positions to develop skills and confidence.

Convenor: Marianne Ewence

Thursday Morning Ladies League

This league is open to women who are free to curl on Thursday mornings. Regarded as relaxed and fun, this league is intended for players who enjoy friendly competition and improving their skills while enjoying each others company. Teams change each draw. After play, players are encouraged to stay for coffee and a good chat. It’s a great way to get to know other members. 

Convenor: Lorraine Clarke

Thursday Evening Mixed League 

Open to more experienced players who enjoy some mixed competitive play. This league offers a great opportunity for members to meet and play with a variety of people. Teams are changed at each draw.

Convenor: Jeannine Leroux/Patti MacLeod

Friday Night “Team” League

A night of curling to start your weekend. This is an open league where team members play together for the season. Teams can be comprised of any line up of players, and are not required to have a true mixed men’s or ladies team. Some teams have five or six players that rotate week to week. Members can sign up as a team, or as an individual, and we will try our best to find a team for you. Note: If you are a FIRST TIME CURLER or have less that 10 games of experience, please only join our LEARN TO CURL program.

Convenor: Tara Kemp/Colin Osborne

Sunday Junior Program 

Our Junior sessions are a fun and interactive program. Intended for beginners and designed to instill a love of the game.

Convenor: James Doonan

Sunday Afternoon League

This is a mixed league open to members who would like to play on the weekend. Players with any level of experience are welcome. This is a relaxed and fun league, intended for players who would like to improve their skills in a friendly atmosphere. A great opportunity to play with new people.

Convenor: Liz McCormick

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